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To populate games or to sculpt your own fashion models - To create your own contents and to earn money from your work

Imagine your universe and use the DK Tools to build it !

This screenshot is far to be representative of the rendering quality of the DK UMA avatars, but it is part of it as a banner.

Dynamic Kit UMA Editor for Unity 5.2 Indie and Pro.

The DK UMA Editor is a tool to generate procedural characters, it is built using the UMA tool created by Fernando Ribeiro.
It offers a totally new redefined creation process, using an ensemble of automated mechanisms and a complete user interface to control any aspect of the model's creation, modification and storage.


What are the DK UMA RPG Avatars ?

This particular kind of Avatars is the melting of the power of the DK UMA generators and the well known RPG requirements to equip and personalize your characters.

The DK avatars are now ready to be prepared as the Avatar or model of an RPG character, of any kind or race, with the clothes and equipment you will create for your own game, whatever the purpose is in your stories.

The RPG Avatar is actually integrating the gestion of any part of the face and body of your avatar. Also the special features such as tatoo or makeup, the beard and the hair, of course the clothes and equipments, all is handled in clicks, sorted by the gender and the race of your avatars.

So you can create your own game using the strong bases offered by the DK UMA Editor, without writing any line of code and see it directly in the Unity Editor.


From the model generation to the dynamic modification, all the code has been modified for you to be able to create the models without any coding skill.

It is offering a new way to wonder the generation, using a totaly opened Preset system. With the anatomy and the DNA, you are free to create whatever you want, the Humanoid is just an exemple.

Using the Editor, you will be able to create a hundred of totally different models in less than 30 seconds, without any scripting knowledge.


Do you want more information ?

It has been created to help the Indie and Pro users community of Unity 3D.

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